“Have you read all of those books?” I get asked this most of the time someone enters my office. I work in a room surrounded by books in various shelving arrangements. I know exactly where any given book is. I’ve spent hours organizing and reorganizing my books to make the best sense and feel to me. My haven is the local half-priced books, and I rarely come back without purchasing one or two books on whatever rationale I can cook up at the moment. I am, in other words, a bibliophile. Books make me feel good, and I like having them around. When someone asks if I’ve read them, however, my usual answer is: “…most of them…”

That is a lie, or at least an exaggeration. I’ve read some, for sure. Others I have read enough to get the point. Others I have read the back cover and claim to understand the point. Many of them I own because they are classics that any self-respecting person should own.

This blog is my effort at remedying this problem. It is about all of the books I haven’t read, or partially read, and even sometimes a glimpse at ones I haven’t read in a while. It aims to serve two purposes:

1. To help me read and process the many books on my shelves that I have never touched.

2. As the vast majority are works of theology, spirituality, ministry, (Christian) history, and so forth, it will also serve as a window into the deeper world of Christian thought–and therefore as an avenue for formation for those who don’t want to pay to go to seminary!


Each post is designed to be a brief window into each book I read. This is not a traditional book review, as I try to remain at a summary level, and my remarks will remain positive. If I don’t like a book it won’t end up here.

Ideally the goal here is for people to go out and read the book themselves, to generate conversation on the topics and ideas the book covers, or at least to broaden all our horizons in the wide world of Christian thought.

I’m Brandon Pierce, the preaching minister at the Stamford Church of Christ in Stamford, CT where I live with my wife, Sierra, and two boys Oliver (6) and Elliott (4). I hold undergraduate and graduate degrees from Abilene Christian University. Feel free to contact me at bpierce04a@gmail.com

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