This blog started as a motivation to read the books I had accumulated. It has become a means of communicating the heart and value of these books to others. Since this seems to be a good service for all involved, I’ve conscripted my fellow minister at the Stamford Church of Christ, another avid reader and bibliophile–Dale Pauls–to keep the book sketches coming.

Each post is designed to be a brief window into the books we read. This is not a traditional book review, as we try to remain at a summary level, and our remarks will remain positive. If we don’t like a book it won’t end up here.

The books we review come directly from our bookshelves. Many will center around the Christian faith, spirituality, theology, biblical studies, ministerial practice, Christian history, etc. But many others will be concerned with other topics including world religions, economics, race, sexuality, and politics.

Our hope is that these reviews either inspire you to go out and read these books yourself, or to open us all up to the rich wisdom these books have to offer.

Brandon Pierce is the senior minister at the Stamford Church of Christ in Stamford, CT where he lives with his wife, Sierra, and two boys Oliver (7) and Elliott (5). He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Abilene Christian University. Feel free to contact him at: brandon.pierce[at]stamfordchurch.org.

Dale Pauls is the minister emeritus at Stamford Church of Christ, having recently entered into semi-retirement after 39 years of service to this church and many beyond. He lives in Stamford, CT with his wife, Debbie. He has two children, Marcus and Lucas, and four grandchildren. He was a past president of the Interfaith Council of Southwestern Connecticut, and continues to facilitate an local interfaith book club called Readings in Current Affairs. He holds an undergraduate degree from Harding University, a graduate degree from Harding School of Theology, and two graduate degrees from New York University. Feel free to contact him at: dale.pauls[at]stamfordhchurch.org.

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