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Alexander Hamilton (Chernow)

We could do worse to try and be like Hamilton, even if we don’t have his passion and intelligence, but we should also try to do better where he failed. To be more prudent, to be less combative, to be open to compromise and to assume that our “enemies” might not be the villains we assume them to be. It seems to be the great virtue of this biography that Chernow strips away any idealistic picture of Hamilton that was not justified by his actual character—so that the reader can come away with a more sober, but realistic understanding of both Hamilton, and of ourselves as we navigate how Hamilton will affect our lives.

A Christmas Carol (Dickens)

Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol in Prose: Being a Ghost Story of Christmas Each year on my Christmas vacations I get the opportunity to read some fiction. This year I chose Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, mainly because I’ve been vowing that I will read it every year for the past five years. I am…